I wonder if you know what love feels like,
How it feels to be submerged in water knowing you can’t escape
I wonder if you know what it feels like to suffocate
in the best of ways
The biggest adrenaline, the
Selflessness of it all.
I wonder if you’ve ever felt as though death was the…

twas a good beach day today. ☀️💦 #latergram #hermosabeach @sydneycerise

sosjxkzkabxhxjabskcmck idk why im angry. i just dislike people. humans are so annoying

excuse my ugliness but licensed 🚘 #latergram #stillinneedofcar #donatetotheleilaneecarfoundation
I miss owen’s backyard 📷 #throwback #vsco

in psych we had to take a love survey and my results were off the chart… like im so anti relationship that they didnt even have a little description for my score.. lol

you know what day it is :-)

Pink Floyd | 1971 
i like to embarrass myself by posting selfies